Dawn Brazil
​​Young Adult Author

Sharing is Caring 

I'€™ve been compiling some helpful writing sites and what not for a while. The information I learned from these sites have been invaluable. So, I thought I'€™d share!
Mary Kole - has a wonderfully informative blog. Her blog has a plethora of information from editing tips, to querying agents. She also allows you to email her questions. And her answers are ultra honest and concise. I’ve learned quite a bit from her site. She has wonderful insight into the writing life from the perspective of an agent and a writer. You won’t be disappointed!
Writers Knowledge Base -  A search engine for writers€“ full of articles on anything having to do with writing. Great for finding articles about editing, freelancing and more. It's a database of the best of the best online.
WordCounter - this site will count the frequently used words in your document. You can have it search the 25 most used or the 200 most commonly used words. I recommend searching in batches as it can sometimes take time to load if you put too many words in. It may take a while to get a whole manuscript (I did my 75,000 words in 2 hours, while getting the kids out for school) analyzed but it'€™s free and well worth it. You can designate that it not count small words such as, an, and etc. 
The AutoCrit Editing Wizard  - this site gives you three free 500 word max, searches of your document. What are you searching for: overused words and redundancies, and sentence variations€ these are the free wizards. You can search up to 500 words three times a day but if you need more in-depth editing you can pay a fee and have the wizard find other errors in your manuscript. The Wizard will analyze your pacing, dialogue, readability and other errors.
Grammerly - a downloadable plug-in for Word that catches grammar errors. There is a subscription cost but it is well worth it. I recommend a years subscription because it costs less in the long run.

Freelance Writer Guide - a wealth of information for the ultimate writer entrepreneur. This site is full of information on how to get started as a freelancer. 

Pinterest  -Yes, that Pinterest. There's a pleothora of useful links on this site. Go crazy and pin whole boards. I have. There's info about marketing, the writing process, creating a writers website, Using other social media sites as a writer... I could not possibly list the entirity of Pinterest's awesomeness here. You'll have to take my word for it and sign-up!

Fantasy Author's Handbook - I write fantasy so of course, I have something specifically for the genre. But, this site isn't just for fantasy/science fiction writers, it goes deeper than that. There's buckets of information on this site!

K.M. Weiland's Newsletter - I cannot do this author's site justice with a few descriptive words. She's awesome! Her newsletters are packed with helpful information. If you haven't subscribed to her newsletter you are missing out. 

The Creative Penn - I actually discovered this author through Youtube. Her vidoes are super informative. She has many videos with sucessful authors that give you a great boost in moral and offer tips that are essential to every author -no matter the platform you choose to publish. 

WRITERS HELPING WRITERS€“  a plethora of helpful tools to stregthen writing
THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY - tons of useful info
THE BLOOD RED PENCIL - editing tips galore
MISS SNARK’S FIRST VICTIM - writing contests with agents and editors, helpful info on writing
Nathan Bransford former agent turned writer
Writer's Market - small fee associated with this site
CBI Clubhouse - small fee associated with site - for Children's books authors
Writer's Digest  has a community forum for critiquing – subscribe to their newsletter by email. They offer courses on how to write/the business of writing/and publication and just about anything else writer related.