Sixteen-year-old Chloe Carmichael is lost between two worlds: the one created by her ultra-efficient mother and the one she’ll soon realize for herself but a third world exists, hidden beneath carefully constructed lies, which threaten to crumble Chloe’s very existence.
Thrust into what she believes is a vision, Chloe discovers her boyfriend brutally murdered. Soon after, she’s plagued by voices in her head and an ability to move objects with her mind when she’s upset. When Christopher Thomas arrives at her school, he’s brimming with charm. Beneath his sultry demeanor, Chloe senses something ominous. Maybe even dangerous. Chris confirms her suspicions when, from thin air, he appears in her bedroom with six other teens. They weave a remarkable tale of past lives, where:
Her real name’s Amanda,
She and Chris are soul mates,
They must save the world from an enemy they call the E.N.O. who for unknown reasons to them, is bent on earth’s annihilation.
Fine print: They don’t know who the ENO is but he knows who they are.
And Chloe thought her junior year would be a breeze.
As she acclimates to this new life, she struggles with trying to be perfect Amanda and the inadequacies of being normal Chloe. Her often-overwhelming attraction to Chris is more perplexing than the new super abilities she clumsily possesses. However, she must face a dubious truth. She may never recall Amanda or her infallible life and if she does remember, she may lose Chloe forever.
She could also destroy the world in the process. 

This is the story of a boy lost without a girl he has loved across five universes.
Finding Me introduced Chloe Carmichael and her inability to recall her past lives, including her love for Christopher Thomas. Finding Her is a novella from the perspective of Chris set right before he meets Chloe for the first time on Earth.
Christopher Thomas is on a journey.

He has searched for years for the love of his life, Amanda Graves. But time is not his ally. He’s on a race to find her before their mutual enemy, The ENO. Because if the ENO captures her first, everything will be lost: Love, Life, and everyone in the known universe.
Seventeen-year-old Chloe Carmichael’s chaotic world hasn’t changed much.

Except now, Amanda-the- terrible thinks she gets a deciding vote on what happens in Chloe’s life.
Amanda feels like she’s awaken from a fog and her life is all wrong. All lefts and no rights. Especially since Chloe Carmichael got hold of her body.

When Chloe has a vision, portraying the death of her friends by her own hand—or rather, Amanda’s hand, she’s plagued with questions of who she really is. Chloe understands that she was Amanda in another life, but what other secrets is Amanda still hiding?

The only person who can provide answers to their questions is the one Chloe wants nothing to do with, their greatest enemy—the ENO.

Chloe’s already been warned to stay away from him because he is the ultimate threat to her kind. But, when he mysteriously appears in her room and offers to answer her pressing questions, Amanda is intrigued, especially because he needs her help. Her task—find four people that have been able to evade everyone else. The ENO explains the consequences of not finding them are grave.

Knowing the others won’t understand, Amanda keeps the arrangement a secret, but the more she   
interacts with The ENO, the more she discovers about her true identity. Keeping him a secret from the Great 8 proves tiresome, though, as she races against time to find these four people before anyone else can.

There is only one other person besides the ENO, who knows about Amanda’s undercover assignment —Chloe.

And it seems Chloe is intent on keeping Amanda in the dark about who she is. With Amanda forced to confront her true nature, can she keep Chloe away before she ruins everything?
With full knowledge of her past, Amanda can forge a new future for those she care about and herself.

No longer crippled by who she was, she embraces her earlier actions - good and evil.
The third installment of the Finding Me trilogy finds Amanda ready to shed all signs of Chloe forever.
She and Melissa arrive in Tierra on a secret mission only Amanda and Chris know exists. They are in search of the one thing that will thwart General Faraday’s plans of global annihilation. But is she willing to put everything she every valued in life at risk for the people of Earth.

And if she chooses to stay her course, what will happen to her people on Savoria?
Lurking in the shadows, scheming to alter every decision Amanda makes, is a sinister adversary that will leave every one of the Great 8 reeling. Or possibly dead. And when the time comes to confront her father, will she falter under the pressure of his love or will her newfound goodness sustain her until the end?