YA Science Fiction Standalone Novel, unpublished...

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Reynolds has calculated the likelihood of finding love to the probability of being cast in a slasher film with her best friend, until she meets Brian Thompson. In Mass Hysteria, love is not the only thing that alludes Elizabeth. Due to an inoperable mutation on her brain, a long life is also questionable.

When Elizabeth’s best friend shares an article about the death of a girl in Italy, she dismisses it. As more girls are murdered, and cryptic messages are tucked in her locker, she realizes something sinister might be at play. Why? Each of the slain girls is her identical twin.

Elizabeth struggles with emotional interaction. When she develops a crush on her new neighbor, Brian, she thinks she might be dying of a third world disease no one has ever heard of. Brian Thompson has overcome more than a stubborn girl in his eighteen years and wins her heart.

A new student and frenemy of Brian’s arrives with secrets of other universes.

Elizabeth learns she’s a researcher clone scheduled for death. A mutation on her brain suppresses her emotions. The abnormality plagued women for decades on this other universe, creating a threat of extinction – until the government began cloning to repopulate. Death is the only solution since removal of the mutation is impossible.

Elizabeth must make a decision: die on Earth and risk becoming murdered-girl number ten in her own horror movie, or die alone in an unfamiliar universe. And if she remains on Earth, she must discover who’s after her and why?