YA High Fantasy Standalone novel - unpublished

Seventeen-year-old Samantha wakes from a coma to discover she’s in an enigmatic realm called VOLT where the brokenhearted reunite with the things they’ve lost - people and objects.

Three months after her boyfriend, Ryan, died in a car accident, Sam is throttled with grief and unanswered questions. Ryan is the one person able to wrench her from this depression. But her chances of finding him alive in VOLT appear unlikely since rising from the dead hasn’t been accomplished since Jesus of Nazareth.

Desperate to find him, Sam journeys into VOLT. She meets Joe, an egotistical, momma’s boy who loves verbally eviscerating others, and Ferris who struggles with a borderline personality disorder. The three can barely tolerate each other. Yet, they stave off Reapers and outwit a colossal metal robot all with the hope of finding Ryan.

Sam discovers Ryan has traveled to the final location before leaving VOLT. If they don’t find him soon, he’ll be gone forever.

When Sam realizes Joe has romantic feelings for her, she must decide if finding Ryan is as important as existing in the now. Choosing between the living and the dead should be easy, except Sam’s reasons for wanting to slip into the darkness are as vast as VOLT itself. She feels closer to a corpse than a teenager, anyway. Finding Ryan might be her last chance to reconnect to a life teetering by a string with an anvil attached.